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Gaelic Computing

Overview to IleTec's Gaelic Computing

IleTec are pleased to support the use of Gaelic in modern, relevant ways. Our Gaelic products are priced low to reflect this and we appreciate your encouragement and acceptance of our Gaelic items.

Launch of New Gaelic Word Processor

Sgrìobh - the Gaelic word processor was launched in Inverness in 2005

This innovative piece of technology is aimed specifically at the Gaelic community. The product  helps to ensure that the Gaelic language is both relevant and accessible to more people in their everyday communications. Sgrìobh is available on CD, as a piece of application software for PCs that run Windows™, and comes with the IleTec Gaelic Language Keyboard for a complete Gaelic desktop.

For more information, visit  or contact IleTec on 01463 794400 or email


We also have a Gaelic games web site, Cluich

Web Sites

Please have a look at some of our Gaelic web sites. 
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